Our traceability software solution guides the operator on his assembly station on what needs to be assembled on the part/machine or sub-assembly. Learn more

In case of several single stations that need to be linked together, all local data is sent to a central server either at the production plant or in the cloud. Learn more

We have extensive experience in providing solutions so every tightening is logged to the product's serial number. Learn more



With increasing demands on quality and control of the tightening procedures, traceability is the best way forward. All of the parameters for the controllers and the tools are linked to the product's serial number. This ensures that all of the tightenings happen at the correct torque, and all of the tightenings are executed. 


The screen illustrates the different operations that have to be performed. Tools only disable when tightening of the correct bolt happens, in the correct sequence. When an operator fails to perform all of the tightenings in the correct way, an internal alarm is raised. Dependent on the gravity of the error, the product is either fixed at a repair station on the line or is removed from the line altogether. 


We have extensive experience with all different types of traceabililty solutions, ranging from simply tracking tightening results to complete plant control. To learn more about a complete turnkey solution we provided to the largest car plant in Europe, click here.


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