Pulse Tools

Stanley's PSI tools are the only transducerized impact tools on the market. They offer the power of an impact tool optimized for operator comfort by delivering smooth and accurate high speed performance across a wide range of free running fasteners on hard to medium joint rates with light to medium duty cycles; all of this with virtually no torque reaction. 

The most productive automotive manufacturing plant in Europe found Stanley tools to have an up to three times lower lifecycle cost compared to its most direct competitor. Their low maintenace costs and famous reliability is why they are used in the largest manufacturing plants worldwide. 

Stanley offers pistol tools up to 100 Nm, angle tools up to 400 Nm and straight tools up to 2000 Nm.


They boast the following features:

 - Stanley's patented Adaptive Tightening Control technology gives more consistent torque     results by automatically adjusting for different joint rates

 - QPM systems reduce the frequency of maintenance with increased Mean Time Between     Failures from long life components

 - Common modular controllers and tool components allow a smaller inventory of     interchangeable parts

 - QPM enables flexible manufacturing. A single tool can be set to assemble joints of different target torque levels. 

 - Error Proofing :  QPM compares fastening results to eliminate missed fasteners. 

 - Ergonomics: QPM ATC prevents sudden downshifting which can reduce operator fatique and torque reaction impulse. 

 - Controllers have the ability to synchronize multiple spindles and provide one data network connection for multiple spindles. 



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