Transducerized Pneumatic Tools

Transducerized Pneumatic Tools

Higher torques are easier to achieve with pneumatic tools than electric tools. However, traceability and accuracy used to be an issue. Therefore, we introduce our new transducerised pneumatic pulse tools; with an unlimited number of torque settings.


We currently offer 3 models:

  • 350Nm

  • 690Nm

  • 1300Nm

Note: Torque values based on hard joint applications


The tools are modified to have a magneto-Elastic transducer build onto them. The transducers don’t have any contact with the moving parts, ensuring a lifetime that exceeds that of the tool.


In line with the current push for Industry 4.0, we’ve opted not to develop an expensive proprietary controller for the tool, but to integrate the configuration and control of the tool directly into ANSOMATIC, which is the industry leading process control solution.