HS-T TorqBee Pistol Clutch tools

HS-T TorqBee Pistol Clutch tools

TorqBee tools do not need a controller to operate. Before use they can be configured by using the included Tool Manager Software. Even programs for hard, medium & soft joints, each with their own speeds, can be pre-sequenced. Once the tool has been preconfigured & tested on the job or on a simulator, it is ready to be used in an assembly environment. All results are stored in the tool and can be sent wirelessly to a PC for visualization, traceability and data analysis using Ansomatic software.


    Programmable screwdrivers with either a shut-off clutch or torque & angle from the rotation sensor. All screwdrivers are programmable via the USB-interface. 


    • WiFi or 868 MHz radio built right into the tool

    • Barcode scanner built into the tool

    • Stand-alone unit. Can be programmed and controlled using any computer, without the need of a controller.

    • up to two sensors: one for action and one for reaction

    • Multi-colour LED control light

    • Vibration motor

    • LCD display on the tool for visualisation of the results 

    • Storage for up to 150,000 results into the tool

    • All major tightening strategies can be programmed