Estic Handy 2000 lite Pistol tools

Estic Handy 2000 lite Pistol tools

Estic has supplied the most advanced nutrunner systems to automotive, aviation and other industries and received high evaluations. The electric handheld nutrunner "Handy 2000 Lite" is produced by Estic using the finest electronic control, machinery and program technology available. The "Handy 2000 Lite" nutrunner is created based on the concepts of high-quality, environmental friendliness, variety system and ergonomic design.


    The tool incorperates pulse technology to reduce the reaction during fastening as well as the working load to the operator. The required torque values are read 1/2000 of a second to control the subsequent fastening force (electric current). The Handy 2000 Lite allows highly accurate and safe fastening without the need of a reaction device. As no reaction device is present, no oil is present and the need to maintenace the tool every 50000 is eliminated. 


    The controller also supports multi channels as a standard. Tightening, loosening and retightening are necessary to detect the fitting or cross-thread condition in the bolt fastening operation. You can avoid the troublesome channel change operation and simply carry out the fastening in continuity by continuously defining the necessary fastening channels as one multi channel system. 


    The Estic Handy 2000 lite series offers Pistol Tools up to 120 Nm