DOGA Torque Measurement

DOGA Torque Measurement

Torque Testers
Equipped with a built-in transducer the EZ
smart series is ideal to control and set
torque delivered by tightening tools (Air and
electric screwdrivers, Torque Wrenches,
Impulse tools...). Thanks to its embeded
software readings are automaticaly stored
and Cm / Cmk statistics calculated against
preset tolerances. External transducers may
be used as well thanks to its transducers

Torque Read-outs
Versatile, compact and easy to use the TA
smart series and TA SB smart series can be
connected to our Static or Rotary
transducers. The MTA torque read-out is
ideal to create tool tests for each of your
tightening tools, proceed with regular control
and organize / store data collection for ISO
and SPS documentation.


Torque Transducers
NST series : a complete range of static
transducers from 0,1 to 3389 Nm.
B series : a complete range of rotary
transducers with dedicated cable for MTA
and TA read-out and EZ torque testers.

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