Crane Wrench star Multi

Crane Wrench star Multi

The WrenchStar Multi Digital Torque Wrench is ideal for customers who require Torque and Angle Data to be digitally recorded.

A  360° light ring enabled you to view the status of readings and jobs regardless of how you are holding the Wrench.

The Wrench can be used wirelessly or with a cable option.

The quick change battery reduces downtime in production. The wrench will also accept interchangeable heads with ID for Auto length compensation.

It has a small OLED display that is clear and bright and shows how many jobs are left. There is a strong vibration alert when reaching desired torque.

The Wrench will connect wirelessly using RF to the IQVu. If the Wrench goes out of range then it will continue to take readings. Once you are back in range it will automatically connect to the IQVu and send the data. It has a 200 reading storage so you can work offline before having to return to the IQvu to send your jobs.

  • Tech Specs

    Model Range Insert Weight
    WS1JX-0010-C1DARX 10 Nm DIN Insert 9x12 mm 833 380
    WS1AX-0010-C1FARX 10 Nm Fixed Head 9x12 mm 720 330
    WS1JX-0025-C1DARX 25 Nm DIN Insert 9x12 mm 904 380
    WS1AX-0025-C1FARX 25 Nm Fixed Head 9x12 mm 725 330
    WS1JX-0075-C1DARX 75 Nm DIN Insert 9x12 mm 914 395
    WS1JX-0120-C1DARX 120 Nm DIN Insert 9x12 mm 967 395
    WS1KX-0180-C1DARX 180 Nm DIN Insert 14x18 mm 1474 613
    WS1KX-0250-C1DARX 250 Nm DIN Insert 14x18 mm 1710 640
    WS1KX-0340-C1DARX 340 Nm DIN Insert 14x18 mm 1925 788
    WS1KX-0500-C1DARX 500 Nm DIN Insert 14x18 mm 3173 887
    WS1DX-0750-C1FARX 750 Nm Fixed Head Fixed 5279 1178
    WS1FX-1000-C1FARX 1000 Nm Fixed Head Fixed 8527 1433
    WS1FX-1500-C1FARX 1500 Nm Fixed Head Fixed 10377 1921