An US Air Force airplane caught fire in April, endagering the lives of 27 airmen aboard the plane -- all because a retaining nut connecting oxygen tubing was not tightened properly. Investigators determined the ensuing fire caused $62.4 million in damage to the plane. 


The incorrect tightening of bolts results in expensive recalls and claims, and deminishes the reputation of your brand. 

Our Standarized Ergonomic Arms with built in Position Control eliminate this problem. 

The Position Control:

  • Determines the location of the nutrunner

  • Only enables the tool if it is placed on the correct bolt

  • Changes the torque value of the tool depending on the selected bolt

  • Ensures all bolts are tightened 

  • Saves the tightening results for each bolt seperatly, linked to the product's serial number

  • Stops the line when there is the possibility that it will collide with moving objects depending on its position


This is integrated with our Traceability Solutions:

  •  Operator has to badge in to enable the process, and ensure only qualified people operate the tool

  • The serial number is scanned in using either a barcode scanner, RFID etc

  • All tightening results are saved to the network

  • When incorrect tightening occurs, The operator is allerted, and can be raised in our total plant software

  • This ensure no badly tightened products leaves the factory


All of this is built into our Standerized Ergonomic Solutions, which are the perfect combination of proven durability, cost-efficiency and engineering perfection. 

3ARM for fender assembly
3ARM for fender assembly

Arm in operating position
Arm in operating position

In Production
In Production

3ARM for fender assembly
3ARM for fender assembly