Our standardized arms are used in assembly, deburring, off line machining, and all types of lifting 

operations. Whenever operator fatigue is of concern,

Ansomat has a dedicated solution. Learn more

Dependent on the wishes of the customers, our design team can help relieve the strain operators have to endure using completely customized solutions. Learn more

Standardized solutions from DOGA absorb torque reactions and have the ability to be integrated with our traceability solutions. Learn more



In order to reduce fatigue, increase comfort and eliminate strain, ergonomic solutions are the future for all different types of operations. We have extensive experience in both cost-efficient standardized solutions, and tailor-made solutions for more demanding or difficult to reach operations. 


Tools that can be suspended using are solutions are:

 - Grinders

 - (magnetic) Drills

 - Scanners, cameras, measurement devices

 - Impact wrenches

 - Nutrunners

 - Welding tools

 - Sanders

 - Etc

deburring bevel gears-min