Our intelligent DC fixed tool systems feature the latest technology on the market. All tools have built-in torque transducers and angle encoders and offer the perfect blend of high speed, low consumption and torques up to 100,000 Nm.


In addition, we can also provide the incorporation of automatic screwfeeder systems. 

With tightening torque capacity up to 100,000 Nm, we provide your solution. Tool geometries include straight, pistol, angle hold-and-drive, crowfoot, and tubenut outputs matched to the tool. Multi-spindle nutrunners incorporate synchronization, absorption of reaction torque, and full-featured operator feedback. handheld tooling offers superior quality, ergonomics, durability and productivity. 



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Estic offers fixtured tooling for up to 100,000 Nm. The tool unit lineup includes the angle tool, straight tool and pistol tool. The lightweight and high-speed motor improves the workability and productivity. The light weight angle head is made of titanium and a rich customization variation is possible. This is why all estic tools are perfectly suitable to be built into a multi-spindle configuration. 


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Design Tool is the worldwide leader in automatic screwdriving technology. We provide their automatic screwdriving solutions to a wide scope of industries such as automotive, electronics, metals, plastics, telecommunications, wood and many others.