The video above is of a fully automated 8-spindle. The spindles have adjustable center distances, so the multi spindle unit can be used on variants of the part. With older types of controllers, this was very difficult to implement and required a lot of fine tuning. This usually required an external PLC etc. Using our latest generation of controllers however, this becomes easy-peasy.


The performance of a DC tool is mainly dependent on the performance of its controller. As such we are proud to announce a new range of Stanley DC tool controllers that is compatible with the existing “E” tool range: “the QB controller range”. These 5 new controllers in the family have different hardware and software features to match customers’ needs such as error proofing, simple or complex networking, single, 2-spindle or multiples (up to 24 spindles). They all will run the E, EA, EB and EC tools, have more display choices and have an all new “Alpha Toolbox Web Interface”.

The α BASIC is the low-price entry controller of the QB family it has simple tightening strategies and error proofing, 24V I/O Integration & serial Port. It is mainly aimed to replace simple air tool applications where some error proofing is needed and is a far better option than “current controlled tools” with regards to accuracy!


The α STANDARD is the mid-range controller of the QB Family: simple tightening strategies & smart steps, Simple error proofing, 24V I/O Integration, serial networking, Ethernet & USB port and data/trace retrieval. It provides the flexibility of assignable I/O interfacing with a line side PLC, serial networking and remote programming with joint analysis through the all new α tb Applications are as the Alpha Basic but also with smart steps to assist in solving fastening issues.


The α ADVANCED is the high end stand-alone controller of the QB Family. A larger color display, advanced tightening strategies and smart steps, embedded PLC for complex error proofing, fieldbus or 24V I/O integration, Ethernet networking, USB port, switched ports to connect to a trailing spindle (Node or Advanced), or to connect an Advanced to an Expert controller. It has a variety of Automotive, Aerospace and Heavy Industry applications where advanced strategies can solve fastening issues.


Finally, the α NODE is the high-end trailing controller in a multi-spindle system of the QB Family. These ones are used in the video at the top of this email. No display, no Keypad but use the Expert/Advanced controller connected to the Node. A switched Ethernet port is available to connect to an Expert and daisy-chain other Nodes.

All controllers have a dedicated port for the α tb or “Alpha Toolbox”: No more struggling with IP addresses; connect cable, open browser, type http://atb.qpm and you are simply connected to an Alpha QB controller. If you want to view or overlay or save all traces and rundown data, one click, one file backup or restore, … as simple as that!


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