We offer the latest generation of intelligent cordless tools currently on the market. All our tools have a built-in torque transducer and an angle encoder. Our tools offer the perfect combination of high speed, low consumption and large reachability. 


In order to reduce the strain on operators, our newest models absorb reaction forces by using pulse drive technology; without the use of an oil pulsing unit.


We offer both tightening and rivetting cordless tools.






Estic offers pistol tools up to 26 Nm with their unique electronic pulse drive technology, resulting in the lowest reaction forces of any tool currently on the market. It however keeps its high accuracy of 5% or less. Up to 99 fastening programs can be stored in the controller, which gives flexibility to perform several tightenings with a singel tool. 


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Cleco LiveWire offers precision torque, angle and speed control features for safety critical fastening in an ergonomic wireless design. With up to 1700 rundowns per battery charge or continuous power, your safety critical applications are assured to never run out of power. 

Mobility is a major advantage with wireless communications. Cleco LiveWire marries the freedom and flexibility of cordless tools with real-time wireless error proofing. Utilizing an industry standard 2.4 GHz WLAN interface in conjunction with the highest security encryption and authentification levels, plus a 512-cycle tool memory buffer, LiveWire ensures you will never compromise safety critical data transmissions. 



  • Digital Process Control: Auto bolt sequencing, Auto image selection

  • Electronic Intelligence: On-board controller, integrated I/O

  • Integrated Bar Code Scanner

  • Up to 16 tools for 1 controller


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Using their decades of experience as the worlds most reliable manufacturer of tools, stanley developed pistol tools up to 12 Nm with dynamic electronic shut-off technology. They all feature a brushless DC motor, and a 20V 4Ah battery pack. The battery has enough juice for around 2,200 fastening cycles per charge. WiFi is built into the tools as a standard for error proofing, tool configuration and Network/Fieldbus connections. One alpha controller manages up to 23 cordless pistol tools. The controller's capabilities are:

  • Wireless parameter setup

  • Wireless tool programming

  • Wireless error proofing

  • On board ladder logic PLC capability. 


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Programmable screwdrivers with either a shut-off clutch or torque & angle from the rotation sensor. All screwdrivers are programmable via the USB-interface. 


  • WiFi or 868 MHz radio built right into the tool

  • Barcode scanner built into the tool

  • Stand-alone unit. Can be programmed and controlled using any computer, without the need of a controller.

  • up to two sensors: one for action and one for reaction

  • Multi-colour LED control light

  • Vibration motor

  • LCD display on the tool for visualisation of the results 

  • Storage for up to 150,000 results into the tool

  • All major tightening strategies can be programmed

Makita's pistol tools go up to 12 Nm whilst their angle tools go up to 65 Nm and both feature durable clutch technology. Data is first stored in the tool itself, and afterwards is transmitted to your computer using Bluetooth technology. The following data is transmitted:

  • Batch count

  • Torque value

  • Turning angle

  • Tool ID

  • Error code

The system uses one-to-one connection between the tool and receiver equipped with:

  • Output terminal for OK/NOK judgment of each fastening and Batch count

  • Input terminal for resetting fastening process

Can be extended to your peripheral devices by your PLC.


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Blind Rivet Tools

We also offer the latest blind rivet nut and blind rivet cordless tools.


The new NutBee series sets the new standard in the installation of blind rivet nuts. The force-controlled systems monitors paths and guarantees fully functional installations of bind rivet nuts regardless of the sheet thickness.


  • Max. force 18.000 N

  • Force controlled processing of blind rivet nuts

  • Controlling the setting speed based on the force

  • Adjustment of the setting foce by clicking buttons at the display (more than 90 steps)

  • Fast exchange nose assembly M3 - M10

  • Evaluation of the force tolerance of +/- 10% of the desired value. Display: Green/red smiley

  • Process and quality control

  • Brushless high-powered motor

  • OLED display with symbol and clear text display

  • 18V Li-Ion battery

  • WiFi interface

  • built-in barcode scanner


The latest innovation in high end blind rivet technology is all binded into one in the RivBee. The brushless high powered engine gives a setting power of up to 18,000 N. The tool only weighs 1,9 kg and is ergonomically formed. It can process blind rivets up to 6,4 mm. Pressure control and the collection container monitoring is according to all the latests EU directives. This 18 V power house is programmable via USB using its user-friendly software.


  • Intelligent battery management

  • Management software: quick & easy parameterization of all HST-tools

  • OLED Display with symbol and clear text display

  • Several jobs/processes can be stored on a tool

  • WiFi interface

  • Barcode scanner

  • Force sensor up to 20.000N

  • All HST tools use the same batteries. 


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RED ROOSTER Cordless shut-off impulse wrenches. High tightening speed combined with good accuracy. No reaction forces during the tightening process. Brushless motor for long motor life and high efficiency. Very well suited in areas where cables and hoses impede handling flexibility of tools, such as interiors of cars, coaches and trains. 



  • Brushless motor

  • 18 Volt Lithium-Ion battery

  • LED status light indicates reverse, OK, NG, Battery Low

  • Torque adjustable

  • Fine-tuning on hardness of the joint, electronically

  • Run-down speed up to 3500 RPM

Yokota offers pistol tools up to 50 Nm with hydraulic pulse drive technology. These wrenches have built-in torque transducers and angle-encoder on the main shaft and is wirelessly connected to the controller. Each controller can connect with up to 4 independentlyperating wrenches. 


  • WiFi interface

  • Acoustic and LED signals for tightening status indication

  • No kickback

  • Electric (brushless) servo drive; RPM freely adjustable

  • Angle monitoring/controlled torque

  • 100% check on tightening abnormalities like cross thread, double hit, etc.