We offer both torque controlled and riveting battery tools. Both feature built-in sensors and brushless DC motors to guarantee accurate control (quality), high speed (productivity) and negligible maintenance costs. Learn more

Our cabled tools all have built-in torque transducers and angle encoders combined with proven DC technology. We also offer a range of tools with unique electronic pulse drive technology. Learn more

In order to tighten a large number of bolts in a short period of time, our multiple tool assembly solutions are the answer; with torques ranging from 1 to 100,000 Nm. Learn more



With over 25 years of experience, we boast broad experience in any type of tightening solution. The following gives a summary of bespoke tightening applications we have created.


  • Wheel Loader Assembly (all including traceability software

    • Counter weights

    • Fuel tank

    • Rear & Front axles

    • Engine support blocks

    • Cabine

  • Excavator Assembly (all including traceability software)

    • Counter weights

    • Sprocket

    • Final drives (pre- and final assembly)

    • Swing drives (pre- and final assembly)

    • Docking upper to lower frame (marriage)

    • Engine support blocks

    • Track rollers

    • Cabine

  • Transmission assembly:

    • Gearbox to rear axle

    • Hydro group assembly

    • Pinion nut

    • brakes

    • ABS brake pipes

  • Wheel assembly

    • 2- and 5- spindle wheel assembly for cars & trucks

    • Battery powered pre-assembly tool

  • Urea units:

    • Suspension brackets

    • Supports

  • Oil barrels (robot assembly)

    • Plugs

  • Transformer units

    • Transformers

  • Aerospace

    • Engine maintenance (assembly & disassembly)

  • Shock absorbers:

    • In-line spindles

    • Hold & drive spindles


... and many more!


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