Based on recent market needs - whilst looking for an alternative on bespoke manipulating solutions - a new multi-use handling ergonomic “3arm” concept has been specially designed as a standard solution to keep weightless different tool loads like magnet drills, grinders, sanders, hand planers, scanners, tightening tools (hydraulic, electric, pneumatic), motors or different application devices, as such avoiding operator fatigue and relief of muscle-skeletal injuries.

Actually, this “3Arm manipulator” functions as a complementary aid to the operator who’s only focus should be on lifting, handling and moving around any type of tool; his “3rd arm” in fact absorbs the weight of the operators’ load, allowing an agile and fast workpace and overally keeping a high accuracy rate and increased safety in all operations, issues which have a direct influence on the operator’s efficiency and productivity.


The folding arm and its multiple combinations between the radial, tilting arm and its bracket (types) systems are a multi-purpose problemsolver.  The 3arm technology allows tools, parts and other devices to be maneuvered as if weightless, with the greatest freedom of motion available. Operations like trimming, tightening, polishing, welding, inspection, riveting, marking, mixing or screw-driving among many others are part of the most common operations of this weightless 3arm.


The articulating arms are highly popular in many sectors and industries such as metalworking, automotive, painting, food-processing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The deployment of 3arm solutions results in dramatic increases in productivity and reduction of workplace injuries.


Built upon request, there is a wide range of weightless handling 3arm types which support any weight between 0-35 kg and are able to fasten different working areas according to customer’s needs and the technical features of the machine. The 3arm consists of a combination of a radial arm and a pendulum arm which can turn 360º around its own axis and are built on separate modular structures allowing coverage of different working areas.


Moreover, according to customer needs, the same 3arm combinations allow to be mounted on a ceiling or top plate; they can also be equipped with optional “turning & tilting” locking systems (pneumatic or manual) which allow to immobilise them in a fixed position in all its axes, simultaneously or separately.

In summary, the main features of the standard 3arm series are:


  • Maximum working area from 1145 to1960 mm

  • Vertical stroke from 710 mm to 1130 mm

  • Maximum allowed carrying weight up to 35 kg

  • Maximum torque reaction for tightening tools up to 650 Nm


As there is no external energy source requirement, the tool can be perfectly mounted on a mobile system, permitting the mounted tool to be used in several places in the production area.

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